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Total Plant Hire are committed to preventing incidents and injuries with a strong focus on safety. 

Our goal is to maintain our track record of ‘no injuries’ for all personnel, property and the environment. Our equipment at Total Plant Hire is Safety in Motion.

In order to achieve this objective, we:

  • comply with all legislative requirements.
  • provide safe plant, machinery and equipment.
  • develop, implement, and disseminate adequate information, education and training.
  • provide appropriate WHS leadership, management, and supervision.
  • eliminate or control all hazards.
  • consult with all workers on any WHS matters.
  • complete regular audits and reviews of practices and systems.
  • provide emergency and first aid treatment facilities.
  • ensure all personnel and any contractors share our ‘no injuries’ goal.

Our Employees are key contributors to our safety culture. They follow the AS/NZS 4801 process of risk management (identifying, assessing and controlling hazards), and use plant, equipment and PPE as instructed.

At Total Plant Hire – people, the environment, and their safety, always comes first.


Total Plant Hire is an environmentally responsible organisation. We are focused on preventing any possible risk or impact to the environment and consistently manage all work activities in line with the principles of ecologically sustainable development, without compromise.

Our staff actively look for opportunities to avoid or minimise environmental impact in the areas we operate in and carryout effective installation and operation of all environmental controls at all times.
Total Plant Hire – Focused on a Sustainable Future.