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  • Caterpillar 305 Excavator

    Caterpillar 305 Excavator

    Operating Weight5,185kgBucket SizeVariousEngine30kW (40hp)Fuel Tank Size63L
  • Caterpillar 308 Excavator

    Caterpillar 308 Excavator

    Operating Weight9,105kgBucket SizeVariousEngine52.4kW (70hp)Fuel Tank Size147L
  • Caterpillar 313 Excavator

    Caterpillar 313 Excavator

    Operating Weight13,500kgBucket SizeVariousEngine69kW (92hp)Fuel Tank Size223L
  • Caterpillar 330 Excavator

    Caterpillar 330 Excavator

    Operating Weight30,000kgBucket SizeVariousEngine205kW (275hp)Fuel Tank Size474L

Choosing the right piece of equipment can be difficult. Thankfully, the experienced team at Total Plant Hire understands the functional differences. We’re here to identify which solution is best for your Mining, Civil, Construction, Earth-moving, Commercial or Government project, Australia-wide!

We offer an extensive range of regularly serviced, late-model excavators built by industry-recognised manufacturers, all mine site specified as standard. Before mobilisation, the Total Plant Hire mechanical team performs a comprehensive service and full safety check on every Excavator to avoid onsite breakdowns.

Total Plant Hire’s skilled maintenance team can provide you with an extensive range of onsite maintenance and servicing packages to support our product range because at Total Plant Hire – Forward is our Focus.

The team at Total Plant Hire understands that each job is unique and may require additional accessories and equipment. That’s why we offer a huge range of Excavator attachments including Rock Breakers, Rippers, Buckets, Hydraulic Hammers, Blades, Swivel Buckets and Augers. All equipment can be mobilised with minimal delay thanks to our comprehensive network located in Karratha, Newman, Port Hedland, Pinjarra, Perth, Kalgoorlie, Adelaide, Darwin, Tasmania, Victoria, and Queensland. If you need it, we can supply it.

We offer customised dry hire agreements at competitive rates so if you have a hole to dig or fill call and speak to the team at Total Plant Hire for a free quote on 1300 11 HIRE (4473) today!

What is an Excavator?

An excavator is a heavy-duty piece of equipment used extensively in construction, mining, and various other industries. Being an indispensable tool, it plays a key role in a multitude of tasks including digging trenches, lifting heavy objects, demolition, landscaping, and more.

Constructed with a powerful, hydraulic arm that can extend and retract, an excavator is designed to handle a variety of attachments, such as buckets or hammers, adding to its versatility. The design of this machinery, complete with a rotating cab for operator control, allows for precision and flexibility, making it a go-to machine of choice for complex tasks.

In the context of Western Australia, with its vast mining operations, large-scale construction projects, and expansive landscapes, excavators are an essential asset. However, owning such machinery can be cost-prohibitive for many businesses. That’s where excavator rental and hire services, such as those provided by Total Plant Hire, become a crucial solution.

Whether you need to excavate for a residential project or carry out large-scale earthworks, hiring an excavator in Western Australia has never been easier. Total Plant Hire offers a wide range of excavators suitable to suit your needs, ensuring your project proceeds smoothly and efficiently. Our excavator hire services are designed to provide the flexibility and reliability you require, ensuring you have the right tool at the right time.

Uses of Excavators

Excavators are multipurpose machines with numerous applications, making them a crucial asset across various industries. With the right attachments and an experienced operator, an excavator’s potential uses are nearly limitless. Below, we delve into some of the key uses of excavators:

Construction: The primary use of excavators is in the construction industry. From residential buildings to commercial projects and infrastructure development, these machines are indispensable. They’re used for digging foundations, grading land, lifting and placing construction materials, and demolition tasks.

Mining: Western Australia’s rich mining industry relies heavily on excavators. They’re used for digging and moving large amounts of earth or minerals, making mining processes efficient and cost-effective.

Landscaping: Excavators also find use in various landscaping tasks. They are used for digging holes, creating ponds, grading yards, and removing stumps or other large objects.

Forestry Work: In forestry, excavators are used for tasks such as clearing land, removing stumps, and assisting in controlled burns.

Demolition: With the right attachment, an excavator becomes a powerful demolition tool. It can safely and efficiently dismantle structures, whether for renovation or clearing a site for new construction.

Dredging: Excavators, particularly long-reach ones, are used for dredging tasks, removing accumulated sediments from the bottom of water bodies.

No matter the task at hand, Total Plant Hire’s excavator hire services in Western Australia can provide you with the right equipment. We offer a variety of excavator sizes and attachments to cater to your specific project requirements. With our excavator hire, you can ensure your project proceeds efficiently, safely, and within budget.

Types of Excavators

As diverse as their applications are, so too are the types of excavators available on the market. Each type is designed with specific tasks and environments in mind. Here, we introduce the most common types of excavators you can hire in Western Australia through Total Plant Hire:

Crawler Excavators: Also known as tracked excavators, these are the most common type found on construction sites. They are designed to provide superior stability and traction, even on uneven or difficult terrains.

Mini Excavators: Mini or compact excavators are perfect for excavation tasks that require a lighter touch or are located in tight, confined spaces. Despite their smaller size, they offer impressive digging power and are ideal for landscaping, trenching, and small-scale demolition work.

Long Reach Excavators: With an extended arm and boom, long-reach excavators are ideal for tasks that require extra reach or depth. They’re often used in demolition work and dredging projects.

What is the Difference Between a Backhoe and an Excavator?

A backhoe and an excavator differ mainly in size, structure, functionality, and mobility. A backhoe is a compact, versatile machine with a small shovel in front and a digging bucket at the back, ideal for light to medium tasks. It can easily move around a worksite and even be driven on roads between job sites.

In contrast, an excavator is larger and has a cab that can rotate 360 degrees, offering more flexibility for heavy-duty digging and lifting tasks. It’s designed for large-scale projects and typically needs to be transported to the job site. The choice between the two depends on your specific project requirements.

Choosing the right type of excavator hire is crucial for the success of your project. At Total Plant Hire, we offer a comprehensive range of excavator hire options to suit your specific needs. Our team of experts will guide you in selecting the right equipment for your project, ensuring you get the most out of your excavator hire in Western Australia.

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