Liquid Waste


Total Plant Hire Pty Ltd pump out, clean and service all your septic tank, grease trap and oily waste requirements within the state of WA. Be it your home, restaurant, building, industrial or mine site Total Plant Hire fully licensed and trained staff along with our Vacuum Waste Trucks are available 24 Hours a day, seven days a week to collect and dispose of your liquid waste to a DER approved recovery centre.Total Plant Hire Pty Ltd is licensed (TT00811) and approved by the Government of Western Australia Department of Environmental  Regulation (DER) to carry and dispose of bulk liquid waste*. Total Plant Hire are approved FOGMan by the Water Corporation of Western Australia to service and maintain Grease Trap Arrestors.Our comprehensive Spill Waste Management Plan along with our Highly Trained Staff ensures that the waste that we collect from your site is transported in the safest possible manner that will cause no impact to the environment from the point of collection to the approved DER site of disposal.

To help you save money Total Plant Hire have the capacity to collect up to 12000 litre of liquid waste per truck load which reduces the amount of trips that we have to complete to DER approved recovery centre thus making us more cost effective and resulting in savings for our customers.

Should you need Total Plant Hire services, please give our friendly staff a call today! be it day or night!

* Category Group and/or Waste code  “J” & “K” as per licence TT00811 conditions